Eshtaad  To grow the economy of the country

Using past experiences and making specialty groups in related fields are as priority issues of Eshtaad Tejarat Company.
Main advantage for establishing subset council and working group is analyzing the work topics, using the experience of best experts, supplying the goods and services all at once

Professional & efficient management

Eshtaad Company Endeavor, Safeguard and Increase Stock Efficiency


International Eshtaad Tejarat Shargh Company (a special joint stock company) has been established for activities in the field of trade, including import, export, sale and distribute the allowed commodity under the subsidiary of Eghtesad Novin Bank staffs group companies started its business activities under the number 444454 on 8/13/2012 to the registration office of Tehran's non-commercial companies and institutions, after the change of the board and shareholders.
At present, the company is one of the subsidiary of Atieh Derakhshan Novin Company

Group companies

Eshtaad Company, one of the country's largest institutional investors, plays a significant role in the national economy.

Ryan Eghtesad Novin Company

Management Eghtesad Novin

Tose Paidar Iranian Investment

Service & Support Eghtesad Novin Co.

Tamin Atie Derakhshan Novin Co.

Eshtaad Managers

We hope that by following Allah Almighty and supporting all stakeholders this year, the path to improving the group's performance in asset management will be pursued vigorously.

Mr. NourMohamadi

vice chairman

Mr. JafarGholi


Mr. Bahmanyar

Chairman of the Board

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